At the westernmost underwear factory in Japan

This factory is located in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, which is the number one foundation for our lingerie production.

This factory is used as a garment factory, leaving the school building that used to be a junior high school as it is. It seems that the building, which has a history of more than 100 years, is still being used with great care.
And goats are bred, and they are rich in nature, very quiet, and Japanese manufacturing is done in a place.

Until one brassiere is made, it starts with one thread, becomes one piece of fabric, is transferred to the dyeing factory, puts color, cuts, sews, attaches parts, makes laundry name tags, etc. It is packed with various processes.

The Sasebo factory alone has more than 30 processes and is made by dozens of people. What I usually use casually, what I wear, and what I wear is really the thoughts of many people and many people are involved in making one "thing".

Skilled skill that is polite and speedy by hand one by one even in precise work that is particular about millimeters.

There are few underwear that make all processes only in Japan, but even so, sticking to "All made in Japan" will leave Japan's traditional techniques, delicacy, speed, feelings, etc. in the future and these This is because I want to convey the goodness to the world more and more.

We will continue to work with factories that have continued from the predecessor of Japan to enliven the Japanese textile industry together with N bijoux.