Ultimate Japanese lingerie

Beautiful like a jewelry.
With N bijoux, may your everyday be a special one.
Glitter like a jewel, strong and beautiful to you.

N bijoux Concept

Welcome to the world of N bijoux.

N bijoux wants to leave
"manufacturing" in Japan, utilizing Japan's declining textile industry and
delicate and skillful technology. It started from the idea of ​​

Take the acronyms of the founder Nana and the designer Naomi
and the jewels The name comes from
"bijoux" , which means jewel in French, because we want you to enjoy lingerie
as if you were wearing it.

Traditional crafts, traditional buildings, etc. still remain
Based in Asakusa, Tokyo.

I come into contact with Japanese patterns on a daily basis, and
I am baptized with enthusiasm for things from conversations with cool masters I meet in the city.

Come on, bring the best experience to you.

N bijoux Concept 日本の繊維産業

-With the Japanese textile industry-

The Japanese textile industry has supported our clothing since the Industrial Revolution period in Japan, which developed before the Sino-Japanese War.

Unfortunately, due to the shift to fast fashion,
many Japanese factories are currently closed.

“Remember again.”

N bijoux never allows compromise with the Japanese textile industry

Japanese lingerie of

ALL MADE IN JAPAN specializing in polite and delicate manufacturing.

N bijoux Concept もったいない

- Mottainai - ~ MOTTAINAI ~

A word often said by my favorite grandmother,


"In the old days, I couldn't get
as a matter of course."
I want you to cherish one thing and use it for a long time.
fabric without waste, and if
silk is scratched and cannot be made into a product, make it a
outlet product.

You can't easily waste the things that you have spent time with many people.

N bijoux Concept ご褒美


Study, work, housework, childbirth, childcare, fashion, friendship ...

Every day, every day, women work so hard that they don't even notice.

For women, enjoy only for women.

"Thank you always."

The finest luxury Japanese lingerie
N bijoux gently wraps you,
and a healing experience.

N bijoux Concept 女性の活躍

- Women's success -

Most of the people involved in

N bijoux products are women.

Also, we hope to use the name of a Japanese woman for the product name and fly to the world with
N bijoux .

SDGs advocate
"Gender equality" and "Women's empowerment"

N bijoux supports women's social activities.